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Tax refund time

Well it is about that time of year.. everyone takes a break from their busy lives to take some time and reflect over the previous year.  In this time of reflection we check to make sure that we have paid all of our taxes to Uncle Sam… ahhh quality time.

Now hopefully if you have to write a check, it is a small one.  After all it is depressing to see how much we pay in taxes throughout the year, to have to cut a check at the end feels like smack in the face.

But on the other hand if you did receive a refund it is like bonus money.  Yea, I know it is really MY money that over paid to the government, but it is still nice to get an extra check… so BONUS!   So since many of you may have received your tax refund (or will soon) why not consider purchasing a custom item made specifically for you.  Maybe you need a large cutting board or salt and pepper mill set for the kitchen, a new foyer table made to your specific dimensions from exotic wood, a blanket chest to be a family heirloom, a high-end pen, or any other things that we offer.  Why not consider using some of this “free” money and spoil yourself!

Let me know if there is something that you are interested in and we can make your vision a reality!