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Wood Pens… the monster at the beginning

A sampling of some of the various pens that we can make

Hello once again.  We are now officially a few days into the new year and all the Christmas decorations are coming down and we are preparing for 3 months of a bitter cold and snowy Michigan winter with no work free Holidays in sight!

So I thought I would take a minute to showcase the item push me over the edge and down the path that we are on right now.  That is these hand turned wood pens!  I will go into deeper detail on different styles another time, as there are many of them with a wide range in cost.  Pens make great gifts for groomsmen, graduates, doctors, pastors, and anyone else that still uses old fashioned paper to write on.

Cocobolo gold slimline pen with cross clip.

Pen’s peaked my interest because they don’t use a lot of wood so it gives people the chance to use and see woods they otherwise may never know about.  For example, the piece of cocobolo I’m holding in the last post had a retail price of almost $20 on it… and that isn’t a very big piece of wood.  But cocobolo for pens can be very affordable, and beautiful (see picture on the right)!  So because of this I was able to experience dozens of woods from all around the world and put them into the hands of people that had never heard of them.

But being a woodworker at heart and seeing all the natural beauty of exotic woods, I couldn’t just stop at doing pens….

Until next time,