Ode to Spirit Airlines

It has been a long time since I’ve had to use Spirit to fly anywhere. But today is my unlucky day. It started off with a kiosk that wouldn’t read my passport forcing me to stand in line behind 20 people. Then I find out that my little tiny wheeled carry on is going to cost me $50 to carryon, or $45 to check.
So lets examine the extreme idiocy of this:
1) why does it cost more for me to take it with me instead of paying you to handle it? You have just realized that given the option most people will pay the $5 then gamble that my luggage will meet me at my final destination.
2) what percentage of your customer base bring nothing with them other then a small bag that fits under the seat in front of them? I would venture to guess that you suck this fee out of 99% of you customer base – so you might as well tack is one to the ticket price up front rather then being a snake about it.

My next encounter on my voyage was to the gate, where the not unfriendly crew ran a strict and tight ship. Sort of how imagine a nun would have run her class room of school children. I was half expecting to have my hand slapped with a ruler if I didn’t have my board pass bar code up as I approach the gate. And heaven help you if you have your ID out, because it is not needed! They also mentioned that they were planning on pushing back from the gate early so you had better be there before they closed the door. I thought departure times meant something, as in “the time we are departing”, I didn’t think they could act like a dad pulling the station wagon out of the drive away ahead of the scheduled vacation start time. Hope that person that was being groped by the TSA made it and didn’t bank on the flight leaving on time… I’m not sure, I have 2 empty seats next to me.

After I made it through the gate unscathed I boarded a seemly brand new plane. The plane looks great and the seat also look brand new, although I’m willing to put money on the fact that the rows are 2″ closer then on the last plane I was on. However, these pretty new seat are missing 1 important detail. They do not recline… Not at all, not one of them. So I have to be propped at a 80 degree angle the entire flight, which it preventing me from sleeping for more the 10 minutes at a time, which in turn prompted me to write this. It is safe to say that this is one of the most uncomfortable flights I have been on in the last decade. Adding insult to injury, there is no Sky Mall catalog (or Spirit equivalent) on this flight. Part of my joy every time I fly is to see all the craziness in that book and to try and find the genius little hot dog and bun toaster. Nope, none of that, just a menu reminding you that nothing is free and that even a can of Coke will cost you $3.

So thank you for reminding me why I choose you as my last option. The only reason you got my business is that you were the only airline that had flights that fit my schedule. So do not thank me for choosing you, you were my only opinion until the day chartering my own Lear jet as an option.

So on the rating scale that I just made up in my head (from 2 thumbs up to double middle finger) I give you 1 and a half middle fingers. I would have given you 2, but you got me from point A to point B on time and without incident.

Already not looking forward to my flight home. So if you are looking for an airline for your next flight… Proceed with caution if you are considering Spirit. Just my 2 cents worth, and your mileage may vary.





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  1. Sounds exactly like Ryanair here in UK/Ireland – I empathize!


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