A Cut Above The Rest

Paduak and Maple Cutting Board

Well this week it wasn’t the weather that kept me from extra time in the shop, it was being under the weather… But there is always something that can be done, so I took this time to update the website with the new butcher block cutting boards that we recently started to offer.  Check the page out here:  http://handmadewoodgifts.com/cuttingboards.aspx.

These cutting boards are handmade from solid hardwood.  I like to use darker woods and contrast them with the light color of maple.  I can custom make these in just about any wood or size to fit your needs and can finish them in your choice of food safe varnish or oil finish.   Each board has hand holds on the sides and an optional groove on one face.  Use the face with the groove to cut meats and the other side for vegetables, or do all your cutting on the groove side and leave the flat side as a display surface.

Walnut and Maple Cutting Board

Large Purpleheart and Maple cutting board with groove

A great gift to give the chef in your life.  If you have any questions let me know!





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